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Do you have high quality* South Asian music sheets and midi files of your own? Become a vendor today and start earning up to 50% in commissions**!

We at Bollypiano have worked tirelessly to get the company to where it’s at today. With over 1,000 accurate music sheet arrangements and MIDI files so far, it is our mission to populate the site with arrangements for as many South Asian pop songs as possible. Join forces with us in this exciting journey to becoming the leading website for the most accurate South Asian sheet music!

*We take quality seriously. If the sheets are not up to a certain standard, it will not be uploaded onto the website. The following table shows the absolute minimum standard we are willing to accept. 

AccuracyPiano Playability and SuitabilitySheet Music Formatting
Most chords are correct, and any wrong chords share some notes with correct chords so it doesn’t sound too wrongMostly comfortable, occasional awkward finger movements between notes/chords.Most important elements exist (titles, composer, tempo, copyright etc.), but leeway given to others (double-bar sectioning, system spacing). See example.

**All commissions received are subject to taxes and fees.

Get setup in minutes. Check out our Vendor Setup Guide PDF for a walk-through of the process.

Don’t have existing South Asian music sheets but have the ability to create from scratch? Check out our guidelines below.

Piano Sheet Guidelines

*For all sheets you make please add your name in the “Arranged by” section (top right) and the copyright section (bottom) of the first page. Bollypiano’s watermark will be added to the rest of the pages.

Easy Solo Sheet

  • Only chords in the left hand with their respective chord symbols
  • Fingertips on top of the melody line
  • Rehearsal marks (represented by alphabets) and the name of new sections
  • The songs key should have at most 3 flats / sharps. If the song is not arranged in its original key mention the original key at the top of the sheet.
Here’s a sample easy solo sheet for reference.
Intermediate Solo Sheet
  • Accurate melody line
  • Include slurs
  • Include dynamics
  • Chords and arpeggios in the left hand
  • Arranged in the original key of the song
Here’s a sample intermediate solo sheet for reference.

Advanced Solo Sheet

  • Accurate melody line
  • Include slurs
  • Include dynamics
  • More advanced left hand accompaniment patterns
  • Arranged in the original key of the song
Here’s a sample advanced sheet for reference.

Earning Potential

Frankly, earning will take time, but also we are just getting started! As the website grows so will its organic traffic which in turn will help boost sales for products across the platform. Having said that, you can always increase your chances of making money. Here are 4 ways to do so:

  1. Capitalise on new South Asian songs
  2. Make arrangements for evergreen South Asian songs
  3. Make arrangements for South Asian songs that have performed really well on Youtube
  4. Arrange both easy and intermediate arrangements for each song

If you don’t know what songs to arrange you can request access to a google sheet we’ve created with a list of song titles at