Bollypiano’s aim is to be the go to platform for finding the most accurate music notes in western staff notation for South Asian songs. Bollypiano provides easy, intermediate, advanced solo sheet arrangements as well as accompaniment sheets for pianists. It also provides lead sheets suitable for the flute, violin and harp and sheet music designed for the guitar, viola and saxophone.

The Team

Yuvraj Parwal – Founder

Yuvraj is the founder of Bollypiano and a grade 7 pianist awarded by the Associated Boards of Royal Schools of Music. Bollypiano was born by his desire for there to be a vast library of accurate sheet music in western staff notation and quality tutorial videos for South Asian songs. Yuvraj runs the website and Bollypiano’s YouTube channel. He also has a channel under his personal name in which he’s posted over 40 Bollywood piano covers.

Matthew Entwistle – Co-founder

Matthew is a co-founder and the music director for BollyPiano, ensuring that BollyPiano’s products are as accurate, professional, and fun to play as possible. He is also the instructor for BollyPiano’s premium videos. Matthew is a longtime pianist and composer, being a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (UK) in piano performance and holding a B.Mus. Music Composition degree from New York University (USA). Outside of BollyPiano, Matthew works as a software engineer and composes and records his own piano music as The Melodist on Spotify.

Abhi Joshi – Operations Manager & Bollypiano Instructor

Abhi is an accomplished pianist, guitarist, composer, arranger, engineer, youtuber and a music theorist. He has a teaching experience of 7 years with students from various countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Canada and India.

He holds a Grade 8 certification with Distinction in Piano and Music Theory from Trinity College of London, and is the holder of a Licentiate Diploma in Piano (LTCL) and Music Theory (LmusTCL). He is a versatile musician with knowledge in multiple genres like Classical, Rock, Contemporary, Soundtracks, Blues and Bollywood Pop.

Abhi has working experience with Flowkey, Stepping Stones, Teacheron, along with renowned music institutions in India such as Whistling Woods International (Mumbai) and Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (Chennai).